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Class 8th to 10th



According to ourveda’s the right thing should start at the right time. Keeping this point in mind, we have developed a target course LAKSHYA for early bud. The eligibility for this course is 8thpass . The main objective of this course is to develop the conceptual approach as well as competitive approach of students. This course is designed for IIT- JEE( MAINS + ADVANCE) , NEET as well as NTSE & OLYMPIADS . In this course we provide subject wise class of Physics , Chemistry , Maths , Bio & Mental Ability. we also arrange time to time workshop for NTSE/DIFFERENT OLYMPIADS . after every 14/ 21 days later we conduct exam based on board pattern SEP-( SCHOOL EXAM PREPARETRY ) & competitive pattern MCQ –(MULTIPAL CHOICE QUESTION) . We design our courses according to the NEW EDUCATION POLICY ( NEP 2020). Where students get more exposer towards practical approach for each concept .There are four type of periodic test scheduled

  1. PATTERN PART TEST (PT) – This test is based on JEE MAINS / NEET  pattern.
  2. NTSE CUMULATIVE TEST (NCT) -  this test is based on NTSE PATTERN.
  3. SCHOOL EXAM PREPARATORY ( SEP) – This test is based on board pattern.
  4. ALL INDIA BRAIN O KOTA TEST SERIES ( AIBOKTS) – This is all INDIA test series .



Preparation for JEE (Mains + Advance)/NEET               Preparation for Board Examination

Classroom Teaching                                                               Classroom Teaching & NCERT Book Discussion

Daily Practice Problem (DPPs)                                              School Examination Preparatory Sheet (SEP)

Study Material (Sheets / Modules)                                         Study Material (Sheets/Modules)

Doubt ClassesBoard Pattern Tests (BPTs)

                                                                                                 Doubt Classes for board exams




CHAPTER MODULES: On each chapter students will be given chapter practice problem which they have to attempt and submit before the beginning of the next chapter. These solution will be checked by the assistant faculties and will be returned to the students with remarks.

DAILY PRACTIC PROBLEM (DPP) Sheets: Other than chapter module DPP are discusses in classrooms to challenge students in time bound manner.

SCHOOL EXAMINATION PREPARATORY SHEETS (SEP Sheets): After every chapter, a homework assignment will be given from chapter which will aid in school examination and also enhance writing skills of the students. This assignment is counter signed by parents and faculties. Detailed remarks are given by the faculties which helps students in identifying weak areas.

NTSE PATTERN CUMULATIVE TESTS (NCB): These test are conducted acrossed the nation at BRAIN O KOTA study centre to help student gauge their performance at different level.



Course Duration:   48 Weeks

Total Number Of Lectures:  755( P : 115| C:115| M:160|B:40 )

Duration of one lecture:  55 minute

Total Duration of Classroom Teaching :680 hrs

Total Duration of Testing Hours:106 hrs

Total Academic Hours in LAKSHYA Course:800hrs