The founders of BRAIN O KOTA believe that good results can be achieved only by keeping Students of this age close to parents and in a family environment, cause no one takes better care of a child than his/her parents. Keeping this in mind, our team has worked tirelessly to develop a system that gives students a competitive environment along with the best in class education in your city/at your school.        




Trained and Experienced Faculties

At Brain O Kota, Students are taught by trained and experienced faculties inside the classroom of the School itself i.e. your child neither has to go to Kota or anywhere away from your home nor has to run around from School to Coaching Classes wasting significant time and energy therein.



Regular DPPS

At Brain O Kota, we concentrate not only imparting knowledge but also on giving sufficient practice drills to the Students necessary for them to crack competitive exams.



Teaching Methodology

Unlike many other institutions, our organization does not work on one size all fit approach. After every daily lecture our expert provides work assignment according to their performance. After that we arrange revision classes as per requirement. In revision class we clear student's concept through PPT and PHET simulation. We assign different practice work to every students according to their performance in exam.



Timely Completion of Syllabus

We at Brain O Kota, strongly committed to complete the syllabus according to our course planner. we have extensively and thoroughly worked on the syllabus that needs to be taught for competitive exams keeping in mind the previous year papers of NEET/JEE.



Focused Study

We at Brain O Kota not only teach Students the relevance and importance of a particular topic in competitive exam as also delivery time that should be associated with the same. In other words, we teach Students to give more time and efforts for important topics and less time and efforts for not so important topics as well as the skill to differentiate between the same.



Minor Test Series

At Brain O Kota, we have specifically designed test series. We conduct tests, based on same pattern as competitive exams, on a fortnightly basis. These tests consists of questions from current topic as well as topic which been taught previously, with a view to get the revision done simultaneously and improvement of students' knowledge and skill. These tests are explained/ discussed thoroughly by our expert faculty in the next class.



Feedback System

At Brain O Kota, we take feedback time to time from Students and their parents to improve the efficiency of the course by understanding the specific needs if any, of an individual Student.



Student Mentor ship

At Brain O Kota, we keep Parents informed about their child's growth and performance through regular Parents Teacher Meetings, SMS notification of test performance, test analysis and regular one - on- one interaction.



Major Test Series

After completing the syllabus, we at Brain O Kota, also conduct ALL INDIA BRAIN O KOTA TEST SERIES (AIBOKTS) of NEET/JEE exam in which combined results of all Brain O Kota centers is declared. This helps Students to know where they stand against their competitors.